Na beregu

Up close, it's not so pathetic!
You can see not sparing time, torn plumage,
not girlish, but feminine beauty and mood!
Words from the side - the sound is empty!
The essence and dialogue inside is important!
If doubts are not torn apart and butterflies in the stomach do not fly, but sing -
It means that more has been achieved than the Universe required!
Now everything is possible!
Wet your feet and then get sick with a cold as a warning to yourself -
Is that what you wanted?! Exactly! Isn't that how it is on earth?
Then let go of the wings, they won't fly away without you!
How to know?! Maybe someone from above will decide something again,
And again to sin and sin - if only they would give a guide,
to pull out of the dusk of the night, and seated on his knee.
Sober slaps in the face are now in price and in short supply!
You know, a lot can be solved - if you don't oversleep.
Forgiveness doesn't help. Just working off your own sins.
To fall in love without memory and conventions is true freedom,
Accelerating the blood to such a frenzied speed,
When she starts to boil with feelings
And summer is coming!
Or did you think that everything is cyclical in this world just like that?!
Somewhere, at the appointed moment and place - an angel descends,
to create "it" for the infinitely millionth time - such is our work ...
And nothing personal! Only a cycle not chosen by us and not now.
After that, there is very little time - to wet the legs, the neck.
Align the plumage and soar to the skies,
To return tomorrow to the set hours on the phone's alarm clock.
After all, this is also clear to you, it resonates somewhere in your soul ... and is familiar ...

Canvas. Oil. 70x100
September 2022